Please keep in mind this meant to be a mutually beneficial relationship between the coaches and the businesses. We have a 3 phase system that begins with 5 weeks of pro-bono coaching. In addition to the free coaching businesses will receive free optional training & access to our training library as well as a list of discounted resources and service providers.

Here is the structure of the 3 phase process. 

Phase 1: 5 for Free. (Typical business coaching coach $250-$600/hour)

5 Business Coaching Sessions for Free over 5 weeks

  • 1: 60 minute Introductory/Planning Session

  • 4: 30 minute Laser Focus Coaching Sessions

Note: All sessions will be 1 x per week. 

Phase 2:  5 for $25*  (Typical business coaching coach $250-$600/hour)

  • 1: 60 minute Reassessment Session

  • 4: 30 minute Laser Focus Coaching Session

Note: All sessions will be 1 x per week. 

*If after 5 weeks the business has made no progress the business may choose 1 of 3 options

  • To request no more than 5 more weeks of pro-bono work

  • To ask to switch coaches and restart the 5 weeks

  • To opt out of coaching with no penalty & may still attend our training & access CBA resources


Phase 3:  5 for $75. (Typical business coaching coach $250-$600/hour)

  • 1: 60 minute Reassessment Session

  • 3: 30 minute Laser Focus Coaching Session

  • 1: 60 minute Assessment & Success Session

Note: All sessions will be 1 x per week. 

Coaches will provide services for up to 5 businesses

Businesses will also receive free optional training, access to our training library and access to a list of service providers & resources. 

The CBA collects no money, the payments are to be made directly to the coaches prior to each weekly session. Online payment training is available. 


All businesses and coaches will be asked to sign a release of liability contract with the CBA as well as the provided coach/client agreement issued once the coaches and businesses have been matched. 


After 15 weeks the coach and client's agreement with one another and the CBA comes to an end and the coach and client may decide how to proceed however they wish without the assistance of the CBA. 


Any business wishing to have access to our training and service providers that does not qualify for the CBA probono coaching program may do so for a donation of no less that $25 for 5 weeks of access. 

Please Apply Below:



Coach Minimum Qualifications

Must have


  • 30 hours of ICF Accredited Training & Certification


  • An established coach practice in business longer than 1 year

  • A marketing, sales or business background is a plus

We will provide the following for free

  • Complete the online Marketing, Sales, & Branding  in the wake of COVID-19 Crash Course 

  • Complete work style & strengths assessment

Business Application

Business Qualifications

Must have :

Qualification 1:

Have an EIN

Qualification 2:

  • Been in operation for 6 months or more and 

  • Have an annual revenue of 60,000 or more


  • Have an annual revenue of 75,000 or more


  • Have 2 or more employees on payroll

Qualification 3:

  • Be able to demonstrate a “need” for coaching as a result of the pandemic


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