How it Works

Our Mission:

To assist businesses in rebounding from the effects of the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic, to do our part to help the American economy return to a thriving state quicker, to assist our coaches in creating & fostering lasting relationships with businesses that will become paying clients once they have made the transition out of a state of crisis & returned to profitability.

Our Passion:

Hello my name is Brooke Adair Walters M.C.P.C. and I am a coach and a business, brand & marketing strategist, I am also the founder of the Coach Business Alliance. Being from a family of successful entrepreneurs I grew up saying "I never wanted to work for myself!" I saw first hand how much work it was. However, as things usually go I not only ended up owning my own business, I made helping other small businesses thrive my passion. Once I began working for the Certified Life Coach Institute as a marketing, brand & design consultant, I did what I always do and became educated in the business of my client. I quickly learned I had a love for coaching and the tools and techniques within it. Fast forward to this year & I am now a coach and the Contract Chief Marketing & Operations Officer at CLCI. Being that I spend 75% of my day speaking with coaches and that I have always made my business model listen for the need and then fill it, I began to listen to the coaches I discovered that they all had some things in common. Along with the innate desire to help others, empathy and understanding they all shared, they also all shared a need to grow their business & discover more clientele.

I had always thought I would find a way to bring small businesses & coaches together to help one another but had yet to find the right fit... Until Now.

March 2020, COVID-19 hit the US hard and the stay-at-home in California was ordered. Almost immediately my heart ached for small businesses & the American economy, thinking first of both my parents who are business owners that would be greatly effected, and also for my business owner clients who I knew would be suffering great losses. But before I could do anything to help I had to first ensure the survival of myself & assist with the survival of CLCI.

It quickly became obvious that coaches could & should be thought of as a great asset during this pandemic. Having expertise in helping others find new opportunities, excel, providing support, setting clients into action & getting results. But I was still unsure how to connect the coaches with clients when everyone was closing their businesses and things were coming to a halt.

I began to search for a solution that was already in place I could lend my services to or partner with, but my search came up empty. It was after about 3 weeks of looking without finding a satisfactory solution & after CLCI had launched its first time ever online classes that I realized there was another need that needed to be filled.

Building a bridge that would connect businesses hurting as a result of the coronavirus with coaches willing to donate their time to help, always with the intention of being able to turn the businesses into paying clients one day, and for both parties to build lasting professional relationships that were created from a place of kindness, support and trust. And thus the Coach Business Alliance (CBA) was created.

We ask you For Your Patience:

The CBA wants to ask kindly for your patience, time is of the essence with this kind of work and so we are making decisions and headway faster than we imagined possible but never quite fast enough. Our progress is measured in days, not weeks or months however and we will be releasing information and updates daily. So please check back often as things may change and do happen quickly.


This is a non-profit organizations designed to help everyone involved to create symbiotic and lasting business relationships. We want everyone to benefit from this endeavor, which is why we think it is important to note, this is not charity. No one who is selected for this program will be thought of as in need of charitable action. This is a bridge to success created by discovering the power of a supportive allies invested in one another's future and willing to be at their side, share their knowledge & resources, motivate and empower.

How to Apply:

We will begin to accept applications from businesses and coaches beginning May 8th, 2020

We will be releasing an outline of qualifications for both coaches & businesses very soon. Please check back regularly or subscribe to our mailing list so that you can be the first to know when we are open for application.

*Coach Info:

Must be residing & coaching in the United States (no exceptions)

As of this moment at minimum coaches will need to have been certified through an ICF accredited institution.


Have taken 30 hours minimum ICF accredited training


Have a coaching practice that has been in business for a minimum of 1 year.

Marketing, business, & sales backgrounds are a plus but not a requirement.

*Subject to change

*Business Info:

We will be accepting applications from both businesses & freelancers. Businesses, business owners & freelancers must be conducting business & residing in the United States. (no exceptions)

Businesses will be asked to provide a letter of incorporation, DBA or EIN number, as well as be able to demonstrate proof of loss as a result of COVID-19. This can be shown via loss of revenue &/or employees after the date of March 1st 2020 as a direct result of the pandemic. .Details to follow.

Freelancers & Contractors will be asked to show a annual revenue prior to COVID-19 & a loss of revenue as of March 1st 2020 as a direct result of the pandemic. Details to follow.

*Priority for the Service:

Business applicants will be sorted based on a priority matrix that takes into account whether the business was deemed essential or non-essential & whether the business is in a critical state or non-critical state (this will be measured by ability to adapt to online, percentage of lost revenue & percentage of lost payroll employees) Details to follow.

*Subject to change

How Coaches & Businesses are Matched: The coaches & businesses will be matched based on the strengths and needs of each business & client. (We are currently in the process of designing an assessment of need & skill for the coaches & businesses that will assist us in the matching process

*Is it Free for the Businesses:

Yes. However, we will have a tiered pricing structure in place that will begin after 5 weeks of probono service provided by the coach. This tiered pricing will begin at as little as $25/session and will remain at the first tier for 5 weeks. 10 weeks of using our service the clients will be stepped up to the 3rd phase and the coaching sessions will begin at as little as $75/session.

The industry standard for business and executive coaching ranges anywhere from $250/hour to $600 or more an hour. So the 5 weeks free, 5 weeks for $25 and 5 Weeks for $75 model allows our businesses to benefit from coaching for free & at greatly reduced prices.

*Subject to change

Why are We Charging After 5 Weeks If It's Non-Profit?

Our service is nonprofit and we will at no time ask our businesses or coaches for any money. 100% of the money paid will go to the coach participants.

We ask that the businesses begin to pay $25/ week in the 2nd phase (after 5 weeks of free coaching) & $75 in the 3rd phase (after 10 weeks of coaching) because we want this to be a service that benefits both the business and the coaches. Just as our businesses are effected by the virus so have our coaches been. The coaches are giving their first 5 weeks of coaching pro bono in the hopes that in that 5 weeks they will have been able to help their client's business to a degree that $25 per week is easy for the business to pay.

The Agreement:

We ask our businesses to agree to this 3 phase, 15 week process when they sign up and ask them to agree to the terms of the service.

This is so that we as a service can in good faith assure our coaches that they too will be benefiting from our charitable service.

We built in a loophole for you:

If however at the end of 5 weeks the business has made no forward progress or has, in fact, continued to decline, we can will do 1 of 3 things:

  1. We will ask the coach to decide if they feel comfortable continuing the work pro bono for an additional 5 weeks

  2. We will match you with another coach; or

  3. We will allow you to opt-out of the service with no repercussions whatsoever.

Also if either the coach or the client at any point in3 phase services requests to opt-out or switch coaches/clients we will do our best to find replacements as soon as we can. But it may have some delay depending on the current demand.

Other Services Provided by the Coach Business Alliance:

All coaches and clients will be invited to attend weekly training courses at no charge.

Subjects of complimentary training include but not limited to:

  • Better Communication Skills

  • Teamwork for productivity

  • Remote employee management

  • Online Adaptability

  • Tools for working from Home

  • How to create online classes & webinars

  • Digital Marketing

  • SEO

  • Branding

  • Social Media Management

  • Google Ads & More

  • Branding

  • Online Sales & eCommerce

  • Coaching for Success

  • Goal Setting & Motivation

  • Marketing Funnels & Lead Magnets

  • And More...

We are also in the process of reaching out to design firms & freelance designers, copy editors, digital marketers, IT specialists & admin assistants & asking them to offer their services at discounted rates for our coaches & and businesses.

Additional Coach Training

In addition, all coaches will be asked to complete marketing, sales, brand, and business coach training AT NO CHARGE TO THEM.

This training is meant to ensure each coach has current marketing, sales & branding knowledge to share with their clients.

The coaches will also be asked to take a skills assessment/profile so that we can gauge each coach strength's and place them accordingly.

This training is also meant to assist the coaches grow in their personal practices as well.

All Meetings, Trainings & Sessions Will Be Online

All coach/client meetings, interviews, training sessions, webinars & services will be held online. Primarily through the use of Zoom unless it is pre-recorded training which will be available for streaming through this website.

Not a Coach But Want To Help?

We would love to have your assistance. Please fill out the contact us form if you are interested in assisting or joining the Coach Business Alliance but you are neither a coach or a business.

We realize that more than coaches want to find a way to help and we will gratefully accept.

What we Need

  • Experts, Teachers & Consultants willing to share their wisdom in online training sessions, how to's, guides, etc

  • Digital Service Providers (designers, IT, SEO, Copy Writers, Editors etc.) willing to work at a discounted rate (not for free though the CBA is about building symbiotic relationships and empowering one another to find a way, we realize you are hurting too, so we only ask that you be willing to discount your service rates.

  • Administrative Assistants & Webinar Admins willing to donate time

  • Marketers, Press, Promotions, Groups, Associations, Leagues anyone and everyone who can get the word out about this service to coaches businesses so that we are able to help.

We want to Assure You

If you are anything like me and most people on the internet you probably don't fully believe what I am telling you or you are looking for the scam, catch, "not so-charitable giveaway." You won't find one. We will and are going to be entirely forthright and transparent. If we don't know we will tell you, if we benefit we will tell you, if anything changes we will tell you, we have no secrets. This is not a scheme, a scam or a bait and switch. It is a nonprofit service that comprised of real people in need helping one another so that everyone will succeed.

Everyone involved is giving and everyone involved will be receiving, and its in this mutual, humble, honest & respectful exchange and others like it that we will be able to find our way out of this pandemic and back to the top again.

We will be releasing more information everyday and begin accepting applications Friday May 8th. Subscribe to the CBA newsletter to be the first to know when applications go live.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope to you become a member of the Coach Business Alliance.



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